Coat of Arms of Archbishop Donald Reece

Archbishop of Kingston

installed as Archbishop on 12 April 2008


Y o u r    K i n g d o m    C o m e !

Archbishop’s Shield with Hat, with twenty green tassels — one, two, three, four — descending at either side of the Shield: Between the Hat and the top of the Shield, the Cross which is the Archiepiscopal Cross with double crossbar. The shield is divided into two. The left side bears the Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of Kingston in Jamaica. These arms are based on the national achievement of Jamaica, a silver (white) field charged with a red cross, yet “differenced” by replacing the five pineapples of the national device with five crosses. At the center of the design, interlaced about the cross is a gold triangle emblematic of the Blessed Trinity, titular of the Cathedral Church in Kingston.

The right side of the shield bears the arms of Archbishop Reece.  The FLAME represents the Holy Spirit who, like the “ruah” of Genesis, blows through the old creation symbolized by the Palm Tree prevalent throughout the Caribbean.  The Holy Spirit hovers over the Blessed Virgin Mary who symbolizes the beginning of the new creation come to full bloom in Jesus, the Messiah and continued in his Body, the Church. The motto, “Your Kingdom Come,”  sums up the Christian vocation to pursue kingdom values of truth, justice, peace, and unity.

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