The mission of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission of Kingston (ALC) is to serve the People of God in their full, active and conscious participation in the public worship of the Church, with the goal of helping to bring about the Reign of God, to give glory to God, and to pass on to the people of Jamaica the salvation earned for them through the saving acts of Jesus Christ.


The Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission consists of persons qualified by training, background, experience in liturgy, interest, and appointed by the Archbishop to serve the People of God in “promoting the Liturgical apostolate” (CSL # 45) in the Archdiocese of Kingston.  It is the responsibility of members of this Commission:

  • To have  a basic understanding and awareness of the liturgical practices in the Roman Catholic Church,
  • To be fully informed of the liturgical needs of the parishes of the Archdiocese of Kingston,
  • To promote liturgical  renewal throughout the Archdiocese of Kingston,
  • To provide counsel to the Archbishop of Kingston and the Office of Worship on liturgical matters, and
  • To help develop and provide information resources to parishes through the Archdiocese of Kingston.


Established under the direction of the Archbishop of Kingston, the work of the ALC is guided by the Conciliar and Post-Conciliar documents of Vatican II, and also implements liturgical renewal in the Archdiocese by:

  • connecting liturgy with the broader pastoral ministry of the Church;
  • bringing liturgical standards to bear on current practices within the Universal Church;
  • promoting liturgical formation in order to “make real” the unity we profess in Eucharist;
  • “lead[ing] all the faithful to that full conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy, and to which the Christian people have a right and obligation by reason of their baptism. [Art. 14, Const.]

In general, the commission is given the responsibility to assist the Archbishop in his work as “Chief Liturgist” (and the Office of Wiorship0 in the ongoing pastoral and liturgical formation of the Church of Kingston/


  • To provide pastoral leadership on liturgical matters
  • To recommend liturgical guidelines to the Archbishop for consideration and promulgation
  • To offer assistance and resource materials to parish priests, clergy, parish, liturgical committees and musicians in their planning of liturgical celebrations.
  • To promote the development of liturgy through seminars and workshops
  • To be informed of cultural practices in order to properly facilitate liturgical inculturation and renewal
  • To liaise with Parish liturgical committees in order to be a point of reference on liturgical matters and practice, and also to provide ongoing support for individual parishes and persons on liturgical matters, keeping them abreast of the liturgical situation in the Archdiocese.
  • To liaise with other Diocesan Liturgical Commissions of the Province and the Antilles Episcopal Liturgical Commission
  • To plan Archdiocesan liturgical celebrations such as ordinations.