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We can point fingers at one another, at this or that political Party, to lay the blame—not that we should not demand accountability for good governance from our public servants, inclusive of National Security—but until we all see ourselves as part of the problem, we will not begin to see the way forward in terms of solutions. Genuine introspection would also lead to impartial non-partisan critique and solutions, for it is not a JLP or PNP problem/solution.  It is a national scourge and we must recognize that unless all are involved all will be consumed.

Each of us must ask these questions of self: “How do I contribute—wittingly or unwittingly—to this monster of violence and death, from whose fangs drips the blood of the innocent?”  “Do I take seriously the life issues that threaten the legacy fought for and willed by ‘our fathers’/mothers’ hands?’” Once we nonchalantly treat (or dismiss) those basic life issues because of the dominant pleasure principle of life, or begin to tamper with any of those issues, we open wide a welcoming door to the monster.  Be they crimes of passion, rape or incest, carnal abuse, abortion, euthanasia, mob – killings in the name of justice or capital punishment—they all promote the culture of violence and death.

Having sown the seeds of indifference or “don’t-care attitude,” we now reap the harvest of violence and death. Again, we ask the question: “How is it that it’s only now that we have become enraged, as if we, as a nation, were as Rip Van Winkle asleep all these years?”  We cannot claim ignorance! The media are awash with the brutal descriptions of innocent lives being snuffed out. But has it ever dawned on us that that is exactly what we do when we opt for abortion?  Is it only the child murdered outside the womb that should evoke from us the lamentation of “Rachel?” Should not the murder of all innocents be lamented?  We are dealing with an attitude towards life in general—a package deal as it were—an inclusively woven seam of existence.  Too, the other end of the spectrum of innocent life shows the elderly poor being abused and abandoned—a dreadful indictment on the level of civilization that now obtains in Jamaica.  That also must be lamented!   

This inclusive understanding of life is the way forward, for we are talking about an unbroken fabric of life.  One cannot safeguard one type of human life and put at risk another, or dismiss it as if it’s disposable.  This is hypocrisy, plain and simple!  The culture of life that we wish to promote ought to be one that furthers the full potential of any one individual and all individuals.  The ministries practiced by the Mustard Seed Communities, the Missionaries of the Poor, Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity, and the Salvation Army are poignant reminders of the sacredness of every single life.  Once we break that common, seamless cloak of life, we open a Pandora’s box, which is exactly what we have at the present moment.


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