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"The school is undoubtedly a sensitive meeting-point for the problems which besiege this restless end of the millennium. The Catholic school is thus confronted with children and young people who experience the difficulties of the present time. Pupils who shun effort, are incapable of self-sacrifice and perseverance and who lack authentic models to guide them, often even in their own families. In an increasing number of instances they are not only indifferent and non-practicing, but also totally lacking in religious or moral formation. To this we must add — on the part of numerous pupils and families — a profound apathy where ethical and religious formation is concerned, to the extent that what is in fact required of the Catholic school is a certificate of studies or, at the most, quality instruction and training for employment. The atmosphere we have described produces a certain degree of pedagogical tiredness, which intensifies the ever increasing difficulty of conciliating the role of the teacher with that of the educator in today's context..."

"The Catholic school sets out to be a school for the human person and of human persons. "The person of each individual human being, in his or her material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of Christ's teaching: this is why the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school"... This affirmation, stressing man's vital relationship with Christ, reminds us that it is in His person that the fullness of the truth concerning man is to be found. For this reason the Catholic school, in committing itself to the development of the whole man, does so in obedience to the solicitude of the Church, in the awareness that all human values find their fulfilment and unity in Christ... This awareness expresses the centrality of the human person in the educational project of the Catholic school, strengthens its educational endeavour and renders it fit to form strong personalities..."   Read the entire message here...

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Catholic Schools: Primary

Alpha Primary
Dupont Primary
Holy Family Primary
Holy Rosary Primary
Jessie Ripoll Primary
May River Primary
McAuley Primary
Mt. Joseph Primary
Port Henderson Primary
Preston Hill Primary
St. Aloysius Primary
St. Anne's Primary
St. Benedict's Primary
St. Catherine Primary
St. Francis Primary
St. John's Primary
St. Jude's Primary
St. Martin de Porres Primary
St. Patrick's Primary
St. Peter Claver Primary
St. Richard's primary

    Catholic Schools: Basic

    Christian Gardens Basic
    Christ the King Basic
    Devon Pen Basic
    Little Lambs Basic
    Marcus Garvey Basic
    Mile Gully Basic
    Mt. Friendship Basic
    Our Lady of Mercy Basic
    Rock Hall Basic
    Sacred Heart Basic
    St. Agnes Basic
    St. Catherine's Basic
    St. Clare's Basic
    St. Elizabeth's Basic
    St. Francis Xavier Basic
    St. Joseph's Basic
    St. Mary's Basic
    St. Peter's Basic
    St. Peter Claver Basic
    St. Richard's Early Childhood Centre
    St. Theresa's Basic