St. Michael's Theological College

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

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Centre for Caribbean Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue


The establishment of a Centre for Caribbean Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue (CCSID) is considered to be an integral aspect of the vision of St Michaelís Theological College.  It will further the mission of the institution by strengthening its commitment to the holistic development of persons and society through theological study, research, dialogue, faith development and outreach in order to effectively affirm religious values in the Caribbean and thereby fostering personal and societal transformation.

The Rationale

The need to foster Caribbean identity and to highlight the unique contribution of the region in all aspects of personal and societal life is a matter of utmost urgency as we enter the twenty-first century.  Scholarly research, reflection and analysis are essential in providing the basis for informed decisions and effective action in our region.  Additionally, in as much as spirituality penetrates to the deepest level of human existence and seeks to clarify, inform and direct the life of faith towards more authentic expressions of human life, it needs to be acknowledged and promoted as an important aspect of Caribbean experience and of praxis-centred reflection and research.  Moreover, spiritual and religious questions continue to engage public consciousness in the Caribbean. 

Given the richly diverse cultural heritage of the Caribbean region, which has drawn together people from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, a systematic examination through the Centre for Caribbean Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue, of both the autonomy of each religious/cultural tradition and the creative encounters among them has the potential to unleash transforming new knowledge.


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