St. Michael's Theological College

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

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Certificate in Religious Education

Entrance Requirements

4 CXCs including English Language, English Literature/History and two others.  Candidates who do not meet this requirement can take one course for which they must obtain a B average in order to gain full admittance to the programme.

Programme Requirements

At least one course each semester

Earn 36 credits (12 courses)

Courses - Core courses which must be taken:

T10A Introduction to Old Testament Literature
T10B Introduction to New Testament Literature
T10D Geography and Cultural World of the Bible
T14A Introduction to the Study of Religion
T20R The Synoptic Gospels
T24D Comparative Religion
T22F Approaches to Christian Education
  Methodology in Teaching Religious Education

The remaining four courses (one from each level) are to be chosen from the following:

T11C History of the Church from Pentecost to Charlemagne
T12H Introduction to Christian Worship
T13A Introduction to Systematic Theology
T23S Christian Ethical Principles
T22A Rites of Christian Initiation
T33B Church and Development I
T33C Church and Development II
T20A The Pentateuch - The First Five Books
T20B The Latter Prophets - Amos, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah
T20B Exilic Literature - Israel during the Babylonian Exile
T30D Theology of Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic History
T20G Pauline Epistles - St. Paul's Letters
T20H The Gospel and the Epistles of John
T30H Israelite Wisdom - The Books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon
T30F The Acts of the Apostles
T30K Pauline Theology
T23K Explorations in Spirituality

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