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Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

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Certificate in Spirituality or Spirituality and Spiritual Direction


The programme aims to provide persons with a solid foundation in Scripture, Theology, Ethics and Psychology as a basis for critical reflection upon and appropriation of key aspects of Christian Spirituality.  Emphasis will be placed on the integration of knowledge and experience in order to facilitate a more authentic living of the Christian Faith with due reference to the Caribbean Context.  The programme will offer as an additional option a practicum of receiving and giving spiritual direction specifically designed for those intending to function as Spiritual Directors.

Target Groups

Lay ministers, Religious communities, Teachers of Religion, Prayer Groups, Pastors, Persons generally interested in their own and the spiritual growth of others.


There are no minimum academic entry requirements

Applicants can begin the programme in either September or January

To receive certification students must:

A)     Earn 36 credits (12 x 3 credit courses or combination of 3 credit courses and modules)

B)     Participate in an approved practicum

(From the beginning anyone who is interested in becoming a spiritual director must enter into a spiritual direction relationship)


The certificate may be completed in three semesters full-time.  Part-time will take longer

Part-time students must take at least one course each semester


Scripture - Two courses (6 credits) from the following:

Introduction to Old Testament Literature

Introduction to New Testament Literature

The Psalms

The Synoptic Gospels

The Gospel & Epistles of John

The Pauline Epistles

Theology - One course (3 credits)

Introduction to Systematic Theology or any other course

Ethics - Two courses from the following:

Introduction to Theological Ethics OR

Christian Ethical Principles

Theology & Human Sexuality OR

Special Ethics

Psychology - Two courses (6 credits) from the following:

Pastoral care in Primary Moments

And one other from the following:

Introduction to Psychology

Social Psychology

Systematic (family) Psychology 

Spirituality - Six courses (18 credits)

Foundations of Prayer

Explorations in Spirituality

Principles and Methods of Spiritual Direction

The Holy Spirit and Discernment of Spirit

Spiritual Integration

Themes in Spirituality

  • Caribbean Spirituality

  • Pentecostalism

  • Devotional Practices

  • Mary, A Role Model for our Times

  • Mysticism


(Those who wish to go on to be trained as Spiritual Directors need to apply and be interviewed before moving into the practicum)

Either Eight Day Directed Retreat OR Annotated Retreat

20 Hours of Supervised Spiritual Direction

At least three months of continued supervision


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