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Reflections on Jamaican Political Climate











The just concluded Electoral process has left much to be reflected and acted upon. What must be of utmost concern to all should be the perceived voter apathy as seen in the lowest voter turnout ever in a general election. This poses a threat to our Democracy, and is a cause of the current situation of a Government with a majority of one.

The Church (Pastors in their preaching) needs to stress the Foundation Principles of Christianity namely that everyone is created by God and is a child of God, equal in dignity to every other person, with inalienable rights.  Only when these principles are respected and adhered to will there be justice and peace and prosperity for all.  This principle must become the foundational principles for political activities in the country.

Pastors need to stress the importance of civic responsibility as well as citizens' rights and their duty to be pro-actively involved in seeking/demanding good governance of our Country.

Some urgent political reforms are needed: with a new Government in place, as Citizens we must hold Politicians to their Campaign Promises, to a new way of governance, and to do away with tribalized Party politics;

We must expect all Parliamentarians

  • to remember that they are representatives of the people who elected them;

  • to understand Leadership as SERVICE;

  • to lead with discipline, integrity and transparency working for the good of the Country, Jamaica;

  • to behave like responsible adults and stop the name-calling and mud-slinging at each other in Parliament;

  • to recognize that Government is for the Common Good of ALL the people, especially children, the aged, the poor and marginalized.

  • to make every effort to redress the current inequality and disparity in the Country between the rich and the poor and to improve the quality of life and living conditions of all the citizens in keeping with their inherent dignity as human beings

  • to improve the social infra-structure so that every citizen has access to affordable education and healthcare; water, housing, proper roads, electricity, transportation and employment opportunities.

We must demand

  • that there be improvement in the entire Legal and Justice System.

  • that Justice may be done and seen to be done in a timely manner.

  • that there be a fixed General Election date

  • that Local and General Elections should be voted for on the same Ballot

- Archdiocesan Commission for Justice and Peace -



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